Stories The Red Dragon Social Club

The Red Dragon Social Club – prologue

The brunette with the faint welsh accent leaned in to whisper conspiratorially in her husband’s ear.

“I’ve been round everyone now, and no-one has any problems with them. I think we should let them in, Pete.”

“What do you think of them, Cathy?”

“I like them. She’s nice, bubbly with it. A nursery school teacher, she said. He works for his father, you know, McClaren’s Haulage. Away from home sometimes, driving for his father. I get the impression that she has a high sex drive, and he would rather she was with someone he knows, if you see what I mean.”


“It’s the same for her. She doesn’t want him playing around while he’s away, and in joining us they both have the perfect place to play.”

“Just like the rest of us then.”

“That’s right! So, can I tell Brian and Kelly that they’re in?”

“You can. The Red Dragon Social Club is back up to full strength.”

The draw

Halfway between Manchester and Sheffield, nestled amongst the rough gritstone peaks and rambling heather-strewn moors of the Peak District, is the tiny village of Two Castle Gorge. Built on the two slopes of a gorge, the village is a collection of forty or fifty buildings, mostly mismatched private houses of an old and expensive nature. There are no actual castles, but over the years the wind and rain had carved out rock formations atop either side of the gorge which, in the right light (and, all in fairness, after the right number if beers) looked like silhouetted castles, and it’s from those that the village takes its name.

Of the buildings that are not houses, there’s St. Polycarp’s church; its vicarage, occupied by the new rector, a relatively young man by the name of Philips; and the solitary pub, cosy and inviting and decked out in traditional English public house style. This is the Red Dragon, owned and run by Cathy and Pete Cross. The Sunday lunches are staples of tourist guides and rambler’s Instagrams alike, piled high on the plate and covered with lashings of Cathy’s famous red wine and onion gravy.

Away from the traditional lunches and quiz nights, the Red Dragon was home to a social club with a difference. Whilst other pubs had football and cricket teams, darts and snooker clubs, the Red Dragon had a club with a very closed and private membership, to which one could only be invited. It did not advertise, took no minutes, and had no end of season awards. The Red Dragon Social Club was home to a wife-swapping club with a difference.

Thursday night in the Red Dragon was quiz night, and as per normal it was quite full. Cathy, a buxom and earthy 40-year old brunette, motioned discreetly to a young couple sitting quietly at a table. They were engrossed in a discussion about the answer to question 38. He, a strapping, broad shouldered six-footer with stylishly unkempt blonde hair and a boyish grin that he was quick to display; she, petite, another natural blonde with a girly prettiness accentuated by her taste for retro clothes and makeup; neither of them sure of the name of the guitarist who had quite The Rolling Stones in 1974. These were the McClaren’s, Brian and Kerry, and they had just been accepted into the Social Club, bringing the membership back up to the unstated optimum number of five couples. The couple crossed the bar to where Cathy stood.

“Good news… you’re in!” Cathy said, smiling.

“That’s great!” said Brian, whilst his wife squeezed his arm with a shy smile.

“We’ll have a wander round whilst I introduce you to the others. You might know some of them already, but obviously none of them would confess to knowing anything about the Social Club if you asked them. Do you want another drink?” Without waiting for an answer, she reached over to the bar where two bubbling glasses of Cristal stood waiting. She handed them out, then took her own. The three of them chinked glasses and took a sip. She took Kelly by the hand and wound their way through the crowd.

They passed several people, before coming across an older couple sitting quietly at a table towards the back of the room, quietly finishing a meal. She spoke to the seated couple.

“Sorry you two, I just wanted to introduce our new friends to you. This is Brian and Kelly.” The couple nodded and smiled, and Kelly said hi to them both. The man dabbed at his mouth with a napkin and stood up, extending a hand to Brian.

“Terry Lomas. Nice to meet you.” Terry was almost Brian’s size, with brown hair flecked with grey that gave him a noble deportment. He was obviously dressed down by his standards, but was still looked for smarter than anyone else in the bar. Brian, who was not badly off by anyone’s standards, recognised the discreet designer logo on his shirt pocket, and knew that there was no way that his shirt cost anything less than a couple of hundred pounds.

“Hi. Brian McClaren – this is my wife, Kelly.”

“How do you do, Kelly. This is my wife, Jayne.” She stood up, a stately woman with almost waist length blonde hair cascading with gentle curls. She smiled, a dazzling smile, which made her whole face light up. The younger couple were immediately put at ease by her smile. She too was expensively dressed, and from the look of her figure in the tailored blouse she was someone that took great care of the way she looked. Cathy apologised for interrupting their meal and said that they would see the Lomases upstairs later. She led the younger couple away.

“They seemed nice people,” Kelly said as they walked away.

“Oh they are, definitely, ” Cathy opined. “They’re our oldest friends here. They were actually the first couple that joined us, and they’re the only ones of the original group of couples.”

“They’re a little, erm-” Brian struggled for a polite way to finish his sentence.

“Older than you?” Cathy laughed. “They are. Terry is fifty, and Jayne 45. You probably guessed that they keep themselves in good shape. They both work out regularly, and Terry still runs marathons. I tell him that that’s what must give him such great stamina!” She sighed, wistfully. “But don’t worry about them, you’ll be fine. If nothing else, advanced age brings increased experience!” She squeezed Kelly’s hand, and flashed her a cheeky wink.

They were now at the bar, where another couple were sat chatting away in a language Kelly recognised as French. He was a tall man with dark, rugged rather than handsome looks, and a mop of short but untamed curly hair. She was much shorter, petite and elegant, a dark-skinned woman with straightened black hair. Brian thought he recognised him straight away, something Cathy picked up on.

“Ah-ha, this is our superstar!” The man had the grace to smile and lower his head. “This is-“

“Laurent De Vaux!”

“Quite right!” Cathy laughed. De Vaux was a footballer, a former French international who had recently retired after finishing his career playing in Sheffield. He was a graceful footballer who never seemed rushed and always made the game look more simple than his contemporaries. His companion stood up and smiled at them.

“Robyn. Pleased to meet you!” She was well-dressed, smart jeans and a chic cold shoulder top, with a wicked glint in her eye. “You’ll have to excuse us, Laurent’s English is not great. He understands it well enough, but his spoken English still needs some practise. Glad you could join us. Guess we’ll see you later tonight!”

Cathy led them away, explaining that they were newlyweds. Robyn was a divorce lawyer who had negotiated Laurent’s split from his first wife, and as she got to know her client better she realised that the split was caused by something they had in common. Kelly asked what that was.

“Voyeurism!” Cathy laughed. “Laurent likes to watch. Actually, watching, photographing, videoing, it’s all fine by him. That was the problem with his first wife; she just wasn’t into it at all. Robyn’s completely the opposite, she’s very much an exhibitionist. She loves to show off! They love it when she’s with another man, or woman for that matter, and he can watch. I don’t know how he has the self-control. He just sits there and watches, never joins in unless she asks him to. Can’t do it myself, I want to join in straight away.”

There was one more couple to meet, and Cathy took them over to a table near the stage. There was a tall, wiry man sitting alone. He had thick black hair in no discernable fashion that he persistently swept back from his face. When Cathy said hi, he turned to them, and the most piercing blue eyes they had ever seen faced them; they seemed to look straight into your soul. His nose was slightly crooked and looked as though it had been broken at some point, and his lips were thin and pale. Immediately though, Kelly recognised something about him, something dangerous and fascinating, and deeply attractive in a nameless way.

“Guys, this is Ryan Flaherty. Ryan, this is Brian and Kelly. They’re going to be stopping back later for the meeting. Don’t worry, Ryan does have a better half, she’s up there.” She waved a hand in the vague direction of the bar where a stunning girl, black hair cut into a neat lob with a fringe that fell across her face, wearing a very short, tight skirt and boots. “That’s Michelle…” her husband said quietly, with little emotion.

“You’ve met everyone now”, Cathy said, leading them away. “I’ll leave you to have a drink in peace. Remember to hang about at the end, after everyone else has gone. In the meantime, don’t talk to anyone I’ve just introduced you to unless they come over first.” 

After last orders had been called and the staff had gone home, the four couples followed Pete upstairs. The lounge in the living area above the pub was huge, and seated them all with room to spare. On a table at the side of the room were three small plastic bowls, in red, white, and blue, together with a small black velvet bag. Kelly and Brian were nervous, and had to be shown to a sofa by Pete. All the other couples, clearly at ease and with the benefit of a few drinks inside them, were chatting away happily. Jayne, seeing that they looked a little uncomfortable, appeared by their side. She sat with them and indulged them with small talk, just to make them feel at home, until eventually Cathy appeared from downstairs.

“Sorry about that everyone, just locking up. You’ve all met Brian and Kelly now…” she said, motioning towards them and flashing her huge smile. “Obviously we discussed this with them a little before we asked them to join, but I think for the benefit of the newcomers we should go through the rules in a little more detail. It’ll only take five minutes, but if you don’t want to sit through it then you can go and help yourself to a drink, or Jayne will fetch them if you’re not sure where everything is. Okay?” There were nods and murmurs, but no one left. “Okay then! Right you two,” addressing Brian and Kelly directly, “this is how it works at the Red Dragon Social Club…”

“As a rule, we’re all into swinging. Let’s make no bones about it, that’s why we’re all here and for whatever reason. But, we don’t want to just turn up at swinging parties or try and pull in public – you don’t know who you’ll get. That’s why we keep it in house – just us ten here. We don’t play about outside this group, unless of course that happens to be your challenge – more about that later. We don’t take it out of this group, we don’t skulk about behind each other’s backs, and most importantly we do not – ever – mention it to a living soul out of this group. That even applies to former members, should you meet them. Are you two happy with it so far?” They nodded, but they’d known the rules before they agreed. This was just a show of public reassurance for the other members.

“On to the good stuff then! You see these three bowls over here? They’re the key. These are where you get your challenges. The first bowl, the red one, contains five slips of paper. On these pieces of paper are five different locations. It can be anywhere at all, and it can be general, like ‘in a car’, or specific, like ‘in the Red Dragon’, but your challenge is linked to this place in some way. How, is up to you. By the way, the men are asked to contribute the locations. Pete will gather these suggestions from the men prior to these meetings. Pete’s put two in today, because obviously Brian had no idea.”

“The second, white bowl is the specific sexual activity or object. These, which are contributed by the ladies, can be anything at all – you might put a position, like ‘doggy style’, you might put ‘stockings and suspenders’, you might put a fetish, or a sex toy, or anything at all. I collect these from the girls.”

“The blue bowl is the random word! This is the one that causes most problems. Pete and I make these up, generally they’re just words from a page in the newspaper or whatever we’re watching on TV at the time. They aren’t necessarily sexual and usually aren’t. They’re just ordinary words, like ‘balloon’, or ‘rain’, or ‘cheese’, or ‘evening’… we just put them in to make it more difficult! Are you with me so far?”

“The black bag at the end contains each man’s name, again on a separate piece of paper. So you get your challenge like this: each girl goes along the bowls. She takes one from the red bowl, which gives her a location. She takes one from the white bowl, which gives her something specific to do. She takes one from the blue bowl, which is some random challenge to add fun. And finally she draws a name from the blue bag, and that’s the man she’ll be doing it with! Anyone any questions? You can ask as we go along. Tell you what, I was going to let Kelly go first, but I think if we ask someone else you’ll see how it’s done, not that there’s a great deal to it. Michelle, would you like to go first? I think it was your turn anyway.”

“No problem at all. Sorry I didn’t get to meet you earlier, by the way, we can have a chat when we’re done here if you like.”

“Thanks Michelle. Once everyone’s made their draw tonight, we stay back and have a few more drinks and a chat. When we’ve made the draws, we’ll go over what happens after. I know it’s a bit to take in at first, but stick with us! Michelle, would you like to start?”

Michelle strode over to the table. This was it, the main point of the meeting, something they’d obviously all been looking forward to all night. There was a sense of anticipation in the room that was electric and almost tangible. Between elegantly manicured fingernails, she slowly drew a twice-folded piece of paper from the red bowl.

“Okay, let’s see where we’ll be doing it…” she teased the moment out a little whilst she slowly unfolded the paper. A smirk came across her face as she blurted the word out loud. “Toilet! Who put that in?” There were laughs from the room, but it was clear that you kept your suggestion to yourself and didn’t let on.

“Toilet! I don’t know… let’s see what we’ll be doing in the toilet then…” She moved to the white bowl and stirred the papers around before choosing one. She read her second word out: “Lapdance! A Lapdance in a toilet?” They all laughed again. She reached into the blue bowl and drew her random word out.

“Ooh, ‘belt’! That sounds more interesting… a little more fun! Finally, let’s see who’s going to be with me when I do these things… Brian!” The newcomer blushed as his name was read out on the very first pick. Cathy could see him go red, so she spoke up again to deflect attention from him.

“So, Michelle’s drawn ‘Toilet’, ‘Lapdance’ and ‘Belt’, and your name. What happens next is this. We have two weeks until we meet again. Usually, in the first week, the boys come up with some way of combining these words into a plan. That’s the challenge. That gives them the full second week to carry out that plan. So two weeks from today, we all meet up again. The ladies tell the group all about it, and in the past that’s been fun – we’ve had pictures, videos, props and everything before now – and when everyone’s done, we all vote for the winner. It’s just a bit of fun, and the chap that wins gets Sunday lunch on the house!”

“So Brian, it’s up to you to go away, think of a plan that involves a toilet, a lapdance, and a belt. How you interpret these things is up to you. All clear on that?” Brian and Kelly looked nervous, but nodded. Cathy spoke up again.

“Don’t worry, once you’ve done the first one it’s easy. We do it like this so we’re forced to think of something different, and use our imagination a little in our sex lives. That’s the whole point of it. So, if we’re all happy now, we’ll carry on with the picks. Kelly honey, would you like to go next? Just one from each bowl, and a name from the bag.”

Hesitantly, she walked over and nervously drew a paper from each one, reading them all out in a group at the end. “Cinema… voyeurism… and internet! And the name is… Peter!” The host smiled, a big ‘cat got the cream’ smile, which the woman interpreted correctly as him being pleased to have the first go with the new girl.

Robyn went up next. She drew ‘garden’, ‘massage’, ‘wedding’ and Ryan, who was sitting as quietly and impassively as he had done all night.

Jayne had the penultimate go. She picked out ‘car’, ‘striptease’, ‘radio’ and the name of Laurent, who smiled shyly as his name was read out.

That just left the hostess, and by process of elimination they knew her partner would be Terry. Her words were ‘boat’, ‘behind’, and ‘hair’, and finally she drew out Terry’s name from the bag.

“Ah, my favourite!” she gushed. “Right, let’s have some drinks, and get better acquainted with Brian and Kelly!”

This is an older story series and the sex starts in the next instalment. I think I posted it on Xhamster or something like that to begin with? I quite liked the idea of swinging, and I like that the characters decided to give themselves the extra challenge. The stories in the series seemed to be very popular on Xhamster. If I rewrote them now I’d probably only change one thing (all the words). It’s fair to say my tastes have changed since then. Actually, it’s probably even more fair to say that back then I wrote to what I thought my tastes were, which is A Whole Other Thing.

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