Go-Go, Go-Go, Go-Go, Go-Go Your Own Way – #MusicallyRanting

“Hou-Hou, Hou-Hou, Hou-Hou, Hou-House Nation,
Hou-Hou, Hou-Hou, Hou-Hou, Hou-House Nation,
Hou-Hou, Hou-Hou, Hou-Hou, Hou-House Nation,
Hou-Hou, Hou-Hou, Hou-Hou, Hou-House Nation”

Music and “lyrics” – Farley Keith

Seriously, kids of today, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. They just don’t write songs like that any more.

I am old. Very old. Not like, Gandalf* old, or even the Doctor old. But, old enough for the second summer of love to have been the most formative time of my life. 

Two years before that there was Black Celebration, to my mind still the best album Depeche Mode have ever created. I loved everything about it, from the singles to the sleeve graphics to the way Smash Hits described it as “perv-tastic” and “leather trousers ahoy!” That was all my friends and I listened to, and we were crate-diggers for the various limited edition 12″ mixes Mute regularly chucked out.

Then a friend played this weird American 12” import for me. Possibly the world’s weediest drum machine and a vocal loop that went “Hou-Hou, Hou-Hou, Hou-Hou, Hou-House Nation” for eight minutes and twenty-two seconds (I checked on Discogs). And that’s all it was.

And I couldn’t get it out of my head.

Before long, I was buying anything with that angular, minimalist, industrial, beautiful House Sound of Chicago logo, anything produced by Kevin Saunderson or remixed by Magic Juan Atkins. A year after hearing it for the first time, I bought my first Technics – belt-driven SL BD-22s – and a battery powered mixer from Tandy. I had to borrow my girlfriend’s Jason Donovan records because I didn’t have enough records to practise mixing with. I recorded C-90s of my mixes and gave them to all my friends (one told me she still has them!). 

A year after that, I’d started working as a DJ and it was a job I kept for almost two decades. That period of ‘88 – ‘89 saw some of the greatest dance music ever created, just the greatest music ever created, and I will honestly die happy to have lived through it. “House Nation” by The House Master Boyz and the Rude Boy of House literally changed my life.

Repeat after me – “Hou-Hou, Hou-Hou, Hou-Hou, Hou-House Nation

I will leave you with some words from a much more modern house record – “All About House Music”, by Noir, which will end this post much more eloquently than I would have.

I wonder what house would be like in the future
Wonder what the clubs would be like
Now that technology has taken over the DJ world
What will the DJ be like in the future
Let’s just hope that house music will keep its soul
Let’s just hope that DJs will keep their skin
But actually I don’t give a shit
We don’t give a shit

Because it’s not about how you do it
But why you do it

Its all about the House Music and it always will be

*Yes, thank you, I’m aware that Gandalf is a Maia, created by Eru, older than Arda, probably older than Ëa itself, and therefore probably immeasurably old as time did not exist before Ëa. I’m referring to the incarnation that walked Middle Earth and was therefore around 2,000 years old. Don’t @ me. I’m just making a point to little humorous effect, effect that this footnote has now entirely dissipated. Cheers.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

8 replies on “Go-Go, Go-Go, Go-Go, Go-Go Your Own Way – #MusicallyRanting”

I am really bad at remembering names of songs and artists, and sometimes when I think I remember, I put the wrong artist with the song. That said, I knew for sure that I hadn’t heard this house song before, as I have never been into house music. I was more the one of love songs, ballads, sometimes classical music, and of course the pop charts of the 80’s and 90’s, even though I didn’t always like all the songs. I enjoyed reading this and of course just had to have a quick listen at ‘your’ song 😉

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I dated a guy who was a big into House. His favorite niche was what he called “early morning House.” You probably know what I’m talking about, slower walking beat, calmer rhythm, easier bass, lower volume, started spinning around the end of the night to calm everyone down and slow the vibe. It’s the kind of House you can have a conversation under, like quiet Jazz.

My favorite House DJ is a guy named Trevor Lamont. Old jock, for sure. I met Trevor in ’02 at a CD release party for him and another DJ/Producer named Matt Bandy. Trevor set up Derby City Soul, and has a broadcast called Sound Therapy out of WXOX 97.1FM.

The first thing he ever said to me in the DJ booth was, “This is 24 hertz of what the fuuuuuck!” before the walls started to rumble. It was beautiful.

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I’m not an industrial/techno/electronic dance music guru, so I consulted the “know-it-all” aka my pet. After a 20 minute lecture- I mean lesson, I was informed of the repetitive four on the floor beat and the 120-130 beats per minute. Which now makes sense listening to this song. I can see why you loved mixing and being a DJ, this was a fabulous post! The LOTR humor was a bonus 😉

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