On the Playful Promises Regalia Skylar set

I realised it was Wednesday, and I haven’t posted anything today, and I have two pictures I want to share (only one is of me). I haven’t played #WickedWednesday before so I thought I’d link up to that!

4; 12; 3,106; 13; 21. They’re the number of comments left on five consecutive Instagram posts by lingerie firm Playful Promises. Guess which number refers to this post:

This is a subject close to my heart (you can probably tell from the number of posts referring to the pointlessness of gendered clothing) so I’m not going to go off on one again here. In fact for once I’m not even going to offer any opinion about it, save this one.

He. Looks Fucking. Amazing. And. No-one. Is. Getting. Hurt. By. It.

I bought a new lens for my camera yesterday and wanted to test it out. It’s a Fujinon F2 35mm prime lens (the XC version, I can’t afford XF lenses). Anyway here’s a picture of my bum.

Just to add something about this picture. Part of this whole blogging exercise was to try and get past my dysmorphia and start to feel better about my body. Probably the main part of this exercise actually. After 49 and a half years, it’s about time, wouldn’t you say? And I’m finally starting to feel good about my bum, so I’m afraid this isn’t the last picture you’re going to get of it. Sorry about that. I’m also sorry that I didn’t clean the shower screen before I took it. Dirty screen shower scene, for the Felix Da Housecat fans out there.

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  1. OPMS Gold says:

    more data on throwing up kratom


  2. slave sindee says:

    lovely pics and i agree clothing should make us comfortable


  3. First about the top picture: I kept returning to it, because I agree with you: he looks AMAZING! I always found it an odd thing that no one found it strange when women wear men’s clothes, but the other side around always seemed to be a problem. People should be able to wear what they feel comfortable in, and not what society dictates them to wear because of the body they have been born in. Then, the image of your bum: yes please, I want more. I love low-light photography and it’s something I still want to experiment with. This image of you is absolutely gorgeous!

    Rebel xox

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    1. Charlie X says:

      “Girls can wear jeans and… cut their hair short… wear shirts and boots… because it’s okay to be a boy. But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading, ’cause you think that being a girl is degrading.”

      ~ Ian McEwan, The Cement Garden

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  4. I love it, the point of the post is so there and looking amazing as you make it.

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  5. Jae Lynn says:

    I love seeing people getting comfortable in their own skin. The clothing is optional and as long as the wearer is happy in them it doesn’t matter to me who they were designed for. Your image is fabulous and your photography skills are to die for. ❤️

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  6. LordRaven says:

    you give hope for people like me who have issues with how they look. Being male it is implied we always think we look good, that is far from the truth. Thank you for sharing and btw I think it is a great picture

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    1. Charlie X says:

      I think that’s the toxic truth, isn’t it? Men are supposed to act that way even if they don’t think it, because to do less would make them less of a man. I wonder how many of our men are suffering because of that. It’s such a waste. I wish I could say something that would make you feel better, but I suspect we all have to find a solution that suits us in our own time. I spent a year in therapy and now I put my bum on the Internet, but I’m sure there are sensible ways to do it too. In the meantime, try not to beat yourself up too much about.


  7. May More says:

    Well – I for one am happy we will be seeing more of your bum and think you should feel real good about it like i do!

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  8. missy says:

    I am so pleased that you are starting to feel better about your body. I love this image. It is very sexy and the way that you have played with the light is really clever. I am pleased we will be seeing more of you and I am enjoying the new influences that you are introducing me to through your posts and the way that I am learning through your blog. Thank you. missy x

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  9. Molly says:

    This is an absolutely cracking image. I love how the light is playing across the bottom of your back. Just fabulous photography

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    1. Charlie X says:

      Thank you Molly! I’m just glad there’s only me fixating on the dirty bathroom.


  10. Posy Churchgate says:

    That bum looks very tempting- I also loved the playful promises promo. But it’s no secret that I like lingerie on all bodies- I like seeing people wear what gives them pleasure. Naked is good too!

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