Tell me about… getting pleasure from photography

This week’s prompt over at The SafeworD/s Club is ‘pleasure’…

Getting pleasure from my photography

I’ve written elsewhere about the reasons for starting this blog. Firstly, that I was nearing the big 5-0 (no, I’m not joining the police) and I had a lot on my mind. Secondly, I have struggled with my body image for various reasons and I wanted to give myself a photo project; one that would really challenge me, hence the nakedness. IRL I’ve started a selfie project; here, I’m posting photos of my bum. Trust me, you’re getting the better end of that deal.

And it’s already starting to help. That’s not much to do with me though; the lovely comments I’ve received about some of my photos has really helped my self confidence. If you’re one of those lovely commenters, thank you – I have tried to thank you all individually but if I have missed a comment, I apologise. It really has helped.

Most of all though, I’m getting pleasure from my photography again. Having that sort of focus on a creative project is great for your mental health, and never more so at a time like this. I’ve always been a bit of a nerd for it and I love a wide range of photography. If I might be so bold as to share some of the photographers that give me pleasure, I would always recommend:

Taking photos and giving back

I’m no Adonis. I try to make the best of what I have with angles and lighting, and that’s all that’s really needed. You don’t need a fancy camera. If you have a half-decent camera with manual mode, or can get a camera app for your phone with manual mode, that’s enough. The key is the manual setting. You just need to take control of your camera and that means deciphering the hieroglyphics on the back, but I can help you with that. 

I thought that sharing that knowledge might be a little something I could give back. I’ll try to explain not just how to do something, but why you should be doing it too, so you understand why it’s relevant. If you’re new to anything, the frustrating part of learning isn’t how to do something, but why you should do it.

Over the next few days, I’ll post a series of short articles explaining the key concepts. Once you know the rules, you’ll know how to break them with creativity and positive intention. It’s easy to break the rules by accident but that only leads to frustration. It’s possible to break the rules without knowing exactly what will happen, but with a good idea of what you want to happen. That kind of experimentation is fun, educational and creative.  

Warning: it’s so easy once you know this stuff that you’re going to be annoyed you didn’t know it before! I strongly recommend that as you read, you get out your camera (or open your app) and find the relevant bits and bobs. Find what each control is and in particular, find out the controls for ISO, aperture and shutter speed; I’ll tell you what to do with them.

Shall we? We’re going to start with shutter speed.

14 replies on “Tell me about… getting pleasure from photography”

I always like to challenge myself to improve in some way. I take a lot of pictures of me and have been wondering how to take better ones. Your pictures are lovely (I’m not sure why I’ve not seen them before) and if I can get anywhere near as good as you while enjoying your writing and images… ill be a happy girl. Thank you


Great concept Charlie for a run of posts. I have already been snapping running water and CD cases! You have given me a stack of projects to work on, and with your excellent description and simple language I’m learning a lot, and fast!

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I love this idea of yours to share your knowledge. It was an eye opener to me when 2-3 years ago I did a camera training, and for the first time started using the manual mode. I’m still no expert on it, and still have a lot to learn, so I will be following your articles for sure. Thank you for wanting to share your knowledge 🙂
Last, but certainly not least: I really enjoy your images!
~ Marie

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Thank you so much for adding your post to Tell Me About. I am really pleased that blogging and sharing your thoughts and, in particular your pictures, is bringing you pleasure and helping with the way you feel about your body image. I can really relate to that as it has done the same for me. Your images are stunning and I am really excited to try the techniques that you will cover in your posts. I would love to be better at taking pictures and am keen to learn. I had no idea you could get an app to change the settings on your phone so am off to look that up. Thank you 😊

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