#SinfulSunday – May 31st 2020

There’s something reassuringly tight and constrictive about a corset, or any sort of shapewear.

I don’t quite have the right shape for a lot of them, especially the underwired ones for obvious reasons. I thought about treating myself to a custom-made one after lockdown…

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I have a few corsets but none of the fit that well any more. I have promised myself that when we get back to a time where we can go out to things again then I am going to treat myself to one that is made for me


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I think you look stunning in this and should treat yourself. Lacing yourself in is definitely an art and one that I haven’t mastered well yet. I like the restricted nature and I think it can add to the mindset 😊

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Thanks! I’ve been following Orchid Corsetry on Insta and she does some really beautiful pieces, a lot of bespoke stuff. I mentioned it to her in a message and she said that bespoke corsets for male bodies were no problem and really it’s just the cost that puts me off. If I was going to do more than wear it for a few pics I’d be really interested but… I don’t see me doing the Big Shop in a corset or anything! This is the page I was looking at – so much lovely stuff:


I never tried out a corset though I’ve always wanted to. Not sure if I would like it, but the restrictiveness makes me curious. I can’t really describe what I like about this picture. I tried before and I still can’t quite find the right words. There’s something in the shape. It’s artful. Like you can forget about the body, really.

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I tried to re-lace one of mine the other week and I quite literally tied myself up in knots. I have more lace coming out of the loops than I began with when I started lacing it. It’s like a bloody Ikea wardrobe!

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