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The Erotic Poetry Challenge: “The One”

I mean, who doesn’t love poetry?

Apparently, quite a lot of us do. There have been a number of similar stories about the renaissance that poetry is having. Whether it’s the pants-soaking eroticism of Michael Faudet or the wistful heartache of Lang Leav on Instagram, or the simple but hilarious comedy stylings of Brian Bilston over on twitter dot com, poetry’s fortune does seem to be waxing and long may it continue.

So when I saw Missy had shared a link to Brigit Delaney’s Erotic Poetry Challenge, Reader, I couldn’t help myself. As someone whose poetic stumblings usually walk a fine line between Adrian Mole and Robert Smith out of The Cure, trying to write something that’s either erotic, romantic or any good is often quite a challenge. This is called “The One”. Be gentle with me.

“The One”, by Charlie X

4 replies on “The Erotic Poetry Challenge: “The One””

This is beautiful and I enjoyed the intensity and the romance in the words. I think people often think about finding, rather than being, ‘The One’ but for me it has always been that way around too. I hope you post more poetry 😊

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