Procreating in the time of COVID

Yes, sorry, that’s the best that I can come up with.

I have no idea whether your Myers Briggs Type Indicator has any more factual basis than your average horoscope, but there’s one part of being an ENFP that has always rung true for me. I always have more energy at the start of a project than the end. Take this blog for example; I wanted to explore my gender and sexuality through the means of writing and photography. I scratched that itch and then I was ready to move on and try something new.

One of the key features of many of my projects is that they are computer-based. Working at home since March, I’m kind of sick of spending time at the computer (another reason I lost interest in blogging). I really needed a hobby that got me off the computer.

Back when I thought I was a young boy I was very much into drawing (I’m old enough to have an O-level in Art). So, I fetched some pencils and an artist’s sketch pad and started drawing again! I loved it so much I, ummm, decided to do it on my iPad. So much for getting off the computer.

I had a look on Instagram at the different types of artists who were celebrating gender and sexuality with their art. There is a surprising, or possibly unsurprising, amount of NSFW art on Instagram and some of it is really, really beautiful. I spent lots of time finding a bunch of artists that I love and I’m probably going to blog about them soon because they’re very much worth sharing and it was a great learning experience. I learned that I am not an artist.

Still, I reminded myself, I was not creating art (or, in my case, “art”) in order to be an artist, but as a self-care measure. The method I settled on was to take a photo and use that as a reference in the Procreate app for iPad – not tracing, but kind of re-drawing and re-interpreting the photo in my own style, especially (as I do with photos) the way that light and shadow appear. It’s really restful, almost meditative, to sit and doodle for an hour especially when you’re just drawing hundreds of lines that make up fishnets, for example.

And that’s really the point of this post. I’ve been to pay for my PS5 pre-order today, and I’m really looking forward to playing, but I’ve become very conscious that sometimes more mindful pursuits are required. And if you ever feel that way too, don’t neglect something as simple as drawing.

3 replies on “Procreating in the time of COVID”

Great images – I am not much of an artist – drawing wise – though i can paint and good image with words. My eldest daughter is an excellent freehand artist – it is a talent i envy
– the thing about blogging is u can write about anything or draw. Your blog is your space – do with it what u will
May x

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These are brilliant Charlie. You are so talented and I am glad that we are able to enjoy your artwork. I am not sure which is my favourite as there are aspects of each that I really love. Good to see you back and sharing new things. Missy xx

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