Hmmm, what to put here…

My name is Charlie. I mean, obviously it’s not; for the same reasons as everyone else doing this whole #NSFW blogging thing, I want to keep private stuff private. Charlie is a nickname I had as a kid so it means something to me, and it’s suitably gender-ambiguous to fit my needs. No more, no less.

I always wanted to have a sex blog. And the obvious question is, “well why didn’t you just bloody start one then?”

“Well, because I’m demisexual,” is one answer. It takes me a while to build up the depth of feeling required to be intimate with someone. So, I probably have less sex than the sex bloggers that you are used to reading. Probably, a lot less. Especially because I’m single and living during the plague.

But I still retain a strong interest in sex and erotica, whether it’s masturbation, pornography, erotic fiction, sex toys, lingerie or even just boudoir photography. Plus I love writing, photography and trying new things, so blogging about it all still gives me a chance to scratch that itch.

And finally, a word about me. I have a thing for labels. I’ve been trying to give them up because they’re bad for me, but these are mine:

Nonbinary: I was assigned male at birth but I don’t identify as male or female; nonbinary is my gender identity. I’m comfortable with this androgyny and I’m not transitioning to another gender. I was in my mid-40s before I finally had this breakthrough, but I’m only out to my closest friends. Sometimes I feel like ‘coming out’ is something that we only do for the benefit of straight people, but maybe that’s just me being unnecessarily cynical.

Gender-creative: when I get the chance to fully express my gender identity, gender-creative is how I define my gender expression. I regularly mix male and female clothing, footwear, cosmetics, nail polish and scents.

Pansexual: I have the potential to be attracted to all combinations of gender identity and gender expression. I prefer ‘pansexual’ to ‘bisexual’ because I’m a bit old-fashioned about my ancient Latin pronouns, that’s all. No shade on any pansexuals who use ‘bisexual’ interchangeably. Along with ‘demisexual’, these two words are how I express my sexuality.

Me and my labels
  • Nonbinary
  • Gender-creative
  • Pansexual
  • Demisexual