Gallagher & White Chapter 2 – A night on the town

Over dinner that night in the hotel restaurant, Eve had been giving Tara every little detail of the day’s photo shoot, which at first freaked Tara out a little, but as the large glasses of Cristal started to work on them Tara found herself more and more intrigued – and ever more horny. She was…

Gallagher & White Chapter 1 – The photo shoot

They met early next morning to take advantage of the wan, early morning sunlight. The room itself was dirty, with bedraggled curtains of an indeterminate colour and age. The sun struggled to find a way through, casting long shadows in the rest of the room. There was no carpet and the floorboards were coarse and stained. The few rugs were similarly disgusting, and there was a smell in the air as though the windows had not been opened in some time. The wallpaper was completely missing from most parts of the wall, and what little remained was a hideous seventies design in beige and brown. Disturbingly, there were three bullet holes in the wall opposite the door, and there were bullets still in two of them.