On the Playful Promises Regalia Skylar set

I realised it was Wednesday, and I haven’t posted anything today, and I have two pictures I want to share (only one is of me). I haven’t played #WickedWednesday before so I thought I’d link up to that! 4; 12; 3,106; 13; 21. They’re the number of comments left on five consecutive Instagram posts by…

Your birthday surprise

“‘A surprise’? That’s all?” Yes, that was all. In almost every respect he was a great boyfriend. Thoughtful and considerate, in and out of the bedroom (and many other places too). His thoughtfulness included, unfortunately, a propensity to – I don’t want to say “hound” when it comes from such a good place – but…

#LingerieIsForEveryone – 0002

Picture 2. Sorry they’re so dark; although I am a fan of low key photography, and of necessity they will be anonymous, I am lacking some essential photographic supplies which will improve my photography!

#LingerieIsForEveryone – 0001

The first photo of myself I’ve felt comfortable enough to post! Eventually, I hope, one day very soon, I will comfortable enough to post in Violet Fawkes excellent and admirable project…. Lingerie Is For Everyone