The unnamed woman

“It appears you don’t believe me when I tell you how hot my PA is,” said Candaules, Managing Director of Lydia plc. He held a tumbler of his favourite 1982 Port Ellen whisky up at eye level, savouring the golden amber colour. “Hot. Fucking hot,” he corrected himself. “So you are shagging her,” smirked his Finance Director, Gyges. “I knew there was something going off between you!” “Well Jesus,” grinned Candaules. “Tell me that you wouldn’t if you had the chance.” He was excited, tired but excited. Today they had closed a huge deal to purchase the largest competitor of … Continue reading The unnamed woman

On being a nonbinary male: 20 questions

So what are we doing here today? Answering questions on the the subject of being a nonbinary male. How many questions? 20, as per the title. Do these questions up front count? You bet your sweet ass they do. I’m not sure I can stretch this conceit out to 20 actual questions.  Hadn’t we better get started then? We’re getting through these questions pretty quickly. Works for me!  So… “nonbinary male”. Paradox much? Not really. Want me to talk you through it? Does that count as one of my questions? No, but that one does. FFS. It’s actually pretty straightforward. … Continue reading On being a nonbinary male: 20 questions

Dating a demisexual: first base and beyond

So, recently, and despite my protestations to all who would listen, and many who wouldn’t, I signed up for not just Tinder, but OKCupid too. Admittedly, I’m not that desperate to date again but the chances of finding a new best friend that conformed to my very specific criteria whilst sat at home playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider and listening to Undisclosed seem very minimal indeed.  At some point on the future I will write about my experiences and observations of being a gender-nonconforming individual on those platforms, and doubtless I will find a way to stick it to … Continue reading Dating a demisexual: first base and beyond

In the words of Diana Ross

Part one; in which everyone asks me that question Dig, if you will, the picture, as my never-to-be-forgotten hero Prince once said. It’s a Thursday morning, the very small hours, and we’re sat on a sticky carpet in the long shadows of another indie night. Emily and I are not engaged in a kiss, not yet, but I certainly have ambitions in that area. We’ve been exchanging looks all night and when a mutual acquaintance got sick of us playing eye tag, she dragged both of us together, sat us at a table, and told us to get on with … Continue reading In the words of Diana Ross

The man in the red dress

“This is the one.” She handed me her phone. “You’ve not had a date so far?” She shook her head. “We matched a couple of weeks ago and have been chatting since, but because of work schedules we can’t get together until this weekend. The unusual name made tracking down the corresponding Instagram profile easy, so I poked around of course -” “Of course.” “- and that’s when I found this.” I could see why she was attracted. My eye was drawn to the red bandage dress, tight and flattering, taut across a slim body. Blonde hair tumbled down around … Continue reading The man in the red dress

How can I tell if my sex drive is changing?

One of the things I noticed on my journey to the nonbinary side – and at some point, I intend to talk about how I refer to much more than gender when I use that term – was that my sexuality had started to become much more fluid. While I had gay heroes growing up, especially from the pop star fraternity, I was strictly butter side up when it came to girls. I kind of came late to the party as far as romance was concerned. I didn’t really show that much interest in anything romance-wise until Peak ‘85 when … Continue reading How can I tell if my sex drive is changing?

Why did we decide to write this blog? Because we want to!

July, 1998. It doesn’t really matter what the date was, because it was the whole of July and the whole of the previous three or four years too. Generally I’d be lying in the bed, staring at the ceiling, wrestling with our old friend insomnia. Sometimes I could fend him off with a combination of sleeping tablets, hay fever tablets, alcohol and wanton, meaningless masturbation but after so long that particular home remedy had all but lost its potency. However, even if it had been working I think we’d have lost our fight that night, because insomnia brought a new … Continue reading Why did we decide to write this blog? Because we want to!